Permanent Residence

Under the provisions by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, when a non-EU national buys a property with a minimum value of €300,000, he/she and the immediate family are eligible to grant a Permanent Residence which is translated into a living permit for the Republic Of Cyprus which is a member of the European Union.

The Ministry has recently announced the Fast Track Process whereas the Permanent Residence can be granted within 2 months under these basic Requirements:

1. The funds for the acquisition of real estate must come from abroad through legal sources.

2. The applicant, as per provisions of this policy, must have evidence of sufficient income from abroad.

3. The applicants must have a clean criminal record.

Yurasia Estates Ltd a company within ST James group provide a wide range of properties in various locations that comply within the requirements under the policy provisions for Permanent Residence.

For any further assistance about the terms and conditions of Permanent Residence and an introduction to properties that comply within the provisions of this policy, please contact us.