About Us

St James Management Services Ltd and our business centre has been established since 1992, with decades of world class experience and knowledge in corporate and property services.

Traditionally, our main business has been the setting up and managing of IBC companies and to assist our customers with efficient tax planning.

We look after our valued clients and have an in depth understanding of the Cyprus market and this has led us to the successful expansion of our services to property management, specialising in sales and rentals of offices and our properties.

Now with the citizenship program for Cyprus (temporarily suspended) and other european countries, we provide a wealth of private services and support for our clients to obtain citizenship and permanent residence swiftly. We provide our valued clients with a smooth and easy relocation to Cyprus or to their choice of european citizenship.

We are authorised by the government as service providers registered under no 234 for the CIP(Cyprus Investment Program) which leads to Cyprus citizenship (temporarily suspended) and we provide PRP (Permanent Residence Permit).

Our company ensures all our clients receive personal, prompt and discreet professional services.

Whichever of our services you're using we are there to support you and your business.